Monday, October 4, 2010

farmer's market 3-10-10 in bandra

i was very excited to see an invite for a farmer's market the other day on facebook..Yes..yes...yeeeeesssss!!! felt like i was back in los angeles on 3rd and fairfax with my homies, virg, natalie, and anj, spending the morning looking at fresh veggies and salivating over red luscious tomatoes of all things.
so i put on my sunday hat and headed down to the market.  the bjp flags outside kinda unsettled me for a second but then i got over it.  the market was wonderful..friendly vendors selling eco friendly clothing to flooring. i was in "organic" heaven.  the yummy theplas to karela ka subzi to dhoklas to mint water were perfect food on a hot summer afternoon.  and the best way to digest the meal was a sweet area where one was required to just take off their shoes, sit on the mat and read (which is where i spent most of my time). 
bandra is the bestest suburb. thank you for a wonderful sunday afternoon.

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