Sunday, September 30, 2012


His story was nothing new I guess to most working in the “bizz” but to me, was quite repelling.  One day, he said, he was sitting in the editing studio working on a project when his assistant informed him that someone had come to see him and were quite insistent that they see him.  He told his assistant to tell them he was busy but They refused to leave.  So he walked into his office to find a mother with her very young daughter.  By young I mean a 15-year young.

He didn’t know them and was rather uncomfortable especially when the “youngen” barely had any clothes on and more makeup than any “lakme” print ad.  He tried to get to the point immediately but the narrator wouldn’t let him. He fumbled with his pen and dropped it a bunch of times, picking it up only to drop it again. His disturbed mind accepted defeat and sat in his chair as the narrator continued with the spoken word…

Big girls don’t cry
Page three people don’t lie…
In bed
With their standby

Sweet girl aged 15
pimped by her mother
“compromise and you’ll get there
sweet daughter”

“compromise” she said
when she came to his room
‘compromise’ I was told
is the secret ingredient in this perfume

three buttons undone
lipstick lips locked in fear
can I be your alibi?
I promise not to spy
Just wanna hang around
Like your neck tie
Thrown nearby

Afraid of being caught of secretly enjoying the attention, he walked out abruptly.  His well-trained assistant asked them to leave politely.  The “youngen” seemed scared; as if she had failed an exam and was gonna get her ass beat.  The mother, a woman on a mission, seemed even more determined.  They left.  Only to come back at night.  He was still in the editing studio.  They knew that.  That’s where they went….

things are different now
they say
the couch does not exist
this incident happened yesterday
he could not resist

The “youngen” was cast in a commercial, and then another.  And then came many another’s.  The man was quite smitten.  It was apparent….

marry me he said
in a moment of passion
to his wife and kids at home
 “compromise is all I’ve been taught sir”
she rationed

The Narrator was on the floor, rolling with laughter.  As if he knew the outcome before the story even began…He has no mercy!  The “youngen” moved on to other editing studios.  The mother spent most of her time at the jewellery store.  The man, well, went back to his wife and kids.  The sad part being that they took him back. 

things are different now
they say
the couch does not exist
this incident happened yesterday
he could not resist

“Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got.” Janis Joplin