Monday, October 4, 2010

farmer's market 3-10-10 in bandra

i was very excited to see an invite for a farmer's market the other day on facebook..Yes..yes...yeeeeesssss!!! felt like i was back in los angeles on 3rd and fairfax with my homies, virg, natalie, and anj, spending the morning looking at fresh veggies and salivating over red luscious tomatoes of all things.
so i put on my sunday hat and headed down to the market.  the bjp flags outside kinda unsettled me for a second but then i got over it.  the market was wonderful..friendly vendors selling eco friendly clothing to flooring. i was in "organic" heaven.  the yummy theplas to karela ka subzi to dhoklas to mint water were perfect food on a hot summer afternoon.  and the best way to digest the meal was a sweet area where one was required to just take off their shoes, sit on the mat and read (which is where i spent most of my time). 
bandra is the bestest suburb. thank you for a wonderful sunday afternoon.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

style o wot

a gold star for all the gals who have no idea of who i am and for the ones that do, i'd suggest you spend a little less time in front of the mirror.
my name is sapna bhavnani and i have been working in the fashion / beauty industry for the last 14 years.  and to be honest i find it the shallowest industry of them all.everyday i come across women with low self esteem, after staring at all the skinny models gracing the front covers of every fashion magazine.  i come across many more complaining of their limp, dull, fine hair after watching the false hair advertisements on television.  everyone seems to be in pursuit of outward beauty.  and to many this book might seem like a book promoting just that.
bohemian girl

punk rock girl
librarian girl
the reason i thought of writing this book was to help introduce you to the beautiful world of fantasy and dress up.  i think as a girl growing up partly in india and partly in america, i had the pleasure of growing through all these phases.  i mean it.  from punk rock girl, to librarian girl, to tomboy girl, i went through them all till i got to the best one; "myself."  there is no chapter on "myself" girl in this book because that is a stage we all get to in our own time.  and i hope you get there faster than i did.  i also included a music play list because i think music sets the tone for everything in life.  i believe we all have our personal soundtracks that we groove to in our everyday life and i hope this selection helps you pick yours.
goth girl
please enjoy this book and try to play every character at least once.  for how boring would life be if you went through it entirely just as "goth girl" or "bratty girl."

this book has been written by sapna bhavnani and illustrated by anushka anand

beautiful words by Swanand Kirkire on the Ayodhya Verdict!

Mai Nikhattu ,Desh Nithalla
Din Bhar Bematlab HoHallaa

Bhikhmango ke Raam aur Allaa
Vyopaari kaa Dharam hai Galla
T.V Video Game hai Challa
Jo haar Mile Toh Jhaad lo Palla

Maraa Kabeer aur Maraa re Bullaa
Yahan pe Nanga Naache Dallaa

Karo Siyasat kaato Sar
Bahut hai Ghar Mein Lalli Lallaa

Note Aur SIkkon Kaa Rasgulla
Khaa kar Netaa Haj ko Challaa

Mai Nikhattu, Desh NIthalla
Chale tere Bharose Ram aur Allaa!

The Band Airport

so my small baby production house has made its first music video... it's for an Indian Band called Airport and the song is called "raat."  it's a beautiful song and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.  the video has been directed by sid sikand (formerly head of promos for ch v) and shot by the talented mofo kartik vijay (formerly known as kartik vijay)... i will post the video on the www on monday..your input is important!  here are the lyrics in the mean time... enjoy..

Wake me up..

When September ends.... It's October much of nothing happening around us.. yet no good reason to wake up...