Sunday, September 12, 2010

jana gana mana...

i cannot begin to tell you how irritated i get when i look at our anthem videos on's either a Rahman with his hair blowing in the wind to a Lata screachiing in the neighbouring mic...or it's either some Bollywood stars getting together and doing what they do best..overact..GAWD...STOP NOW... or its the street kids that have been the face of India to the world for a while now...NO NO NO... where the fuck are people like US?????? People who think, people who want change, people who will be responsible for change, WHERE WHERE WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i decided to do whatever i could, with no budget, to make a video for us. A track made by people like US. A video that included US!
here it is....
Track Composed And Produced by: Arijit Datta and Randolph Correia
Vocals by: Arijit Datta, Krittika Sharma, Sugandha Garg, Shweta Sharma, Raghu Ram, Sharib Hashmi, Uma Shanker

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  1. Superb! Awesome! I hate the Rajneeti version in the theatres. Everyone is so plastic. Besides that, the Lata one is so slowwwww. Why isnt this one put in theatres? I love this one!


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