Friday, October 2, 2009

scrambled ramble

Trapped in a roomful of people she exhaled..
Are you callin me fat? It’s the wide-angle lens!
Who are you?
What is your status?
Single? Engaged? Married? In an open relationship? Complicated?

The whole world thrives on sympathy…
Sympathy lies in the dictionary between shit and syphilis…

Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on

Confucius say: A Magazine is a bunch of printed pages that tell you what's coming in the next issue
Cant wait can you?….
Will I be rich? Will I have Ms. Universe as my wife? Will I live forever? Will I? Then what fool?
Your woman sucks on you while you suck on viagra….
whose the dog and where’s the bone-r?

A prostitute with a degree in psychology will blow your mind

If elvis was a black man would he still be the KING?
Proud black mama slaps a racist man and declares
“listen here fool…it don’t matter if a woman is black or white or yellow or brown…they’re all pink inside…”

yeah she had a PHD in ghetto

Frustration is not rambling mindless shit…
Its that hooker that turns out to be your brothers wife..
You know her?

Grace was pretty amazing
Or was I too blind to see…

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